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What is quilting machine

From:HENGYE MACHINERY CO.,LTD OF DONGGUAN CITY Date:2014-7-7 16:43:12 Author:admin Hits:29

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people"s standard of living, quilted products production mode and scope of use have changed a lot.Quilted products used mainly refers to the quilt, mattress, bedding, has now been extended to the mattress, sofa fabrics, handbags, luggage, footwear, clothing and other products, from the practical product development process for gifts, home furnishing from development to clothing.Quilted with its rich change strengthens quilting goods practicality and beauty, for people to create a comfortable and warm living space.

Quilting is long sewing needle having laminated textile fabrics, so that the inside of the batt and other fixed.In the case of bedding bedding, generally by the padding and appearance of the fabric is composed of two parts, padding and wadding and dispersion fiber branch.Loose fibrous sheets of fetal core structure and shape is not fixed, easy flow contraction, nonuniform thickness.In order to make the bedding of outer fabric and the inner core between the quilt tightly fixed, uniform thickness, the outer fabric and the inner core side by side line or decorative pattern type suture (including stitch), this increases the aesthetic and practical process, called quilting, after the sewing of mattress or mattress, known as the quilt, quilted pad.

In the past, quilted products basically completed by hand, the product is mainly the quilt and quilted pad, they and the general household use of bedding is the difference between how a quilting process, operation program is the first seam sewing.With thousands of households workshop-style processing methods, the disadvantages of low output, poor consistency, patterns of complex operation process.

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