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China‘s quilting machine market is changing from weak to strong

From:HENGYE MACHINERY CO.,LTD OF DONGGUAN CITY Date:2014-7-7 16:45:40 Author:admin Hits:28

China"s quilting machine market is changing from weak to strong, light industry machinery is not only labor-intensive industry, but also the originator of industrial structure, in total, exports, employment has occupied a large proportion.In a quilting machine light industry Industry machinery has strong representation.

In the global quilting industry slowly rise times, China is slowly leading the world.As a result of Europe and the United States on the quilting machine company number is not much, so according to the past experience and lessons, we think China quilting machineMarket in the global market in the same industry will gradually change from weak to strong.

Domestic quilting machine industry development are mostly small and scattered, in the industry before the five proportion is less than 25%, in 2010, domestic sewing machine market accounted for 50000000000 yuan, the quilting machine industry in Also need to integrate and upgrade.

Clothing and footwear industry income is steadily rising, industry in the overall situation in the steady improvement in.Domestic sewing machine industry trends: leading enterprises are the expansion of the scale, market concentration degree is also Continuous improvement.Quilting machine industry in the slowly transferred to the west, great investment.Quilting machine control efficiency has been improved, but also stimulate the demand.

In the domestic quilting machinery industry related listing Corporation development varies, normative joint-stock enterprises are committed to the precision machinery processing business development.

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