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Product Name:Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine     model:HY-W-JH

Parameter(Unit mm):

Dimension(L×W×H) :4800×1600×2000

Quilting width:2450

Space between needle rows: 50.8,76.2,127(5”)

Space between needle rows: 76.2,76.2,152.4(6”)

Space between needles:25.4

X-axis movement displacement:410

Thickness of quilting≤80(for all patterns)

Stitch length:3-8

Speed of operation:60~230(m/hour)

Model of needle:24/180 23/160 22/140 21/130

Quilting speed:200~900(RPM)

Total power required:7KW

Voltage :380V/50HZ 220V/60HZ

Gross weight:4500kg

Detail Information:

• Needle bar and press plate are controlled by a double- swinging device without cam avoiding lubrication and dirtying of material

• Multi-span and independent patterns(360°and 180°patterns are available)

• Automatic stop motion control in case the top thread or the bottom thread breaks,automatic needle-lifting and CNC speed adjustment

• CE Certificate

• No need to adjust the press plate' s position when the thickness of quilting material varies

• Outstanding features such as high rigidity, high running speed, low vibration and noise

• CNC precision control system

• Easy preparation of CAD drawings extremely precise

• Strong functions of pattern-combining and multi-span quilting to enable you to quilt different patterns in each row in the mattresses of different sizes

• Fault detection function for ease of determining the running state of the machine at any given time

Patterns Collection

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-functional Quilting Machine HY-W-DGN

Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-functional Quilting Machine

Computerized Lock Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine

Computerized Lock Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine

Installation Layout

Function&Specification Form


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