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HY-W-DGN computer shuttleless quilting machine multi function

From:HENGYE MACHINERY CO.,LTD OF DONGGUAN CITY Date:2014-7-10 14:04:48 Author:admin Hits:20

Computer quilting machine replacement parts should pay attention to the following points:

1 repair replacement parts as far as possible from the expert operation, do not understand do not mistakenly removed

2 repair or replacement of parts, the original or recognition, models of relative, can replace the testing

3 replacing computer quilting machine parts, if necessary, open the control box, must cut off the power and then wait five minutes after operation, do not wet hands

4 use the professional tools, in strict accordance with the instructions say instructions into the quilting machine parts replacement, the replacement operation to secure placement machine.

5 replacement operation is completed, to check again. Confirm whether the solder with other sewing machine parts should not touch, insulating materials on the circuit board to restore the status quo; according to the line terminal and the plug contact is good, the screw and nut no operation without falling off, to the fastening can not loose.

6 computer quilting machine parts replacement completed commissioning then put to work, try running note hair clothing should not touch the pulley and belt, safety measures

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