Since 1991, we have been focusing on inventing and manufacturing quilting equipment. We Provide Customers With Professional And Excellent Mattress & Home textiles Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions.



 Started in 1991 


● Hengye Machinery , which evolved from Guangyuan Machinery , founded in this year.


● The first computerized chain stitch multi-needle quilting machine was invented by our factory, which filled a gap in this field in China.


● The first computerized lock stitch multi-needle quilting machine was invented by our factory, which filled a gap in this field in China.


● The name of Hengye Machinery was confirmed. That the first computerized lock stitch multi-needle quilting machine and computerized chain stitch multi-needle quilting machine with the function of independent span and automatic thread cutting were invented in our factory.

IN 2000 


● Our quilting machine was further improved, and multispan function applied to the machine production.


● At the request of foreign customers, we began to R & D the panel cutter machine, and the mass production come into being in the end of this year.


● In order to expand the production capacity, we moved to our newly-built factory, with the floor area of 10,000 square meters, and our enterprise strength further reinforced. And we passed ISO quality management system certification in this year. Computerized multi-head embroidery machine was invented in this year.


● ERP production process management system was introduced to our factory.


● Our computerized quilting machines obtained CE ( Eu-ropean safety standards) certification. We marketed an advance computerized chain stitch multi-needle quilting machine model HY-W-JH, which have satisfied the high rank requirements of the customers.


● We marketed another advanced computerized rotating shuttle multi-needle quilting machine . Product design management systems, business management system are introduced into our factory,which enables management of information technology for the enterprise greatly improved . 

 IN 2010 


● NC gantry milling machine was imported, which improves the quality of the products greatly. The first Computerized Multi-functional Chain Stitch Quilting Machine is invented in our factory, which fills a gap in this field in China.


● Having successfully developed the up-to-date Computerized lock stitch multi-needle quilting machine and Computerized panel cutter machine, and having finished the upgrade of all the series of our products, which enables our company to be entitled Private Enterprises of Dongguan City . Hengye Machinery , which evoluted from Guangyuan Machinery ,founded in this year.


● New model HY-W-SJ of computerized chain stitch Multi-needle quilting machine combines the excellent quilting effect, high efficiency and durable utilization together perfectly. It is a new meticulously build and perfect quilting device.


● We have brought many new products to market, such as new chain stitch quilting machine model HY-W-SJS,single needle quilting machine model HY-DZ94-3. To completely meet market's need for mattress border taping production, we have produced 0.5inch chain stitch quilting machine model HY-W-BSJ .We also produced new model of panel cutter model HY-QG-1 ,which improves the material utilization greatly. And our new lock stitch quilting machine B series ,improve the production output for end users greatly.


● 1. The customized "Sponge Servo frame(HY-M-1)" starts to sell in bulk in the market, which can improve the quilting design quality, reduce labor and bring great use value to customers.

● 2. Upgraded and optimized the whole series of products, that can heighten the effect of the quilting quality.


● 1. The stacking machine (HY-D-1,) which for reducing labor and improving the working efficiency  becomes available. It can be used with computerized multi-needle quilting machine and computerized panel cutter machine, now it has won the approval of new and old customers.

● 2. We have reached strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises in the mattress industry and are committed to upgrade and innovate the mattress production machines.

 IN 2020 


● 1.Roll-out the strategic model HY-W-SJS-3, the efficiency of independent pattern was increased by more than 30%, and the operation was more stable and smooth;

● 2. Complete the shareholding of "Foshan Zhonglian Machinery", overall arrangement the whole industry chain of mattress manufacturing equipment,provide a professional and excellent mattress intelligent making solution for customers.


● 1. Intelligent four sides hemming and cutting machine (HY-FQ-2), automatic packing machine and double-layer tape edge system have fully entered the market and served many  leading enterprises in the matress industry;

● 2. Toghter with Zhonglian Machinery  ,we have completed the whole factory design and implementation of many domestic strength mattress brands.